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来自: 仙人指路 (千里姻缘一线牵,世间情缘一语间) 一、关于建设和谐社会的词汇 1.疏导公众情绪 defuse (public) anger/discontent;to properly channel public sentiments 2.诚信缺失 lack of credibility 3. 发展为了人民、发展依靠人民、发展成果由人民共享 development for the people, by the people and to the benefit of the people 4.和谐共赢 all-win harmony;harmony and all winners 5.实现社会公平与正义 ensure equity and justice 6.廉政文化建设 foster a culture of clean government 7.减少社会不平等现象 reduce social inequalities 8.和谐相处 live [...]

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