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Augmented Senses – A China-France media art exhibition

Together with  Charles Carcopino (Le Studio MAC Creteil), my good friend Yan Xiaodong curated a media art exhibition, on show at Shanghai’s OCT SUHE CREEK GALLERY until July 31. At ARTLINKART there is a curatorial statement plus tons of photos!

Homologous the actual and virtual ——Beijing New Media Arts Exhibition 2011

Official Website: June 18 – August 28, 2011 Academic Director: Li Xianting Executive committee: Zhang Haitao   Wang Boqiao  Wu Qiuyan Curatorial team: Wang Boqiao(China), Zhang Haitao (China), Wu Qiuyan (China),  Juliette YUAN (China), Wu Weihe (China),  Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber (Austria), Reg Newitt (Australia), Tan Liqin (US) America), Li Zhangxu (Korea), Joel (Hong Kong) Co-organizers: [...]

TransLife – International Triennial of New Media Art, Beijing

Official website: Following the groundbreaking international new media art exhibition Synthetic Times, a 2008 Beijing Olympics Cultural Project, the National Art Museum of China presents TransLife, the next installment of the Media Art China series, now instituted as a triennial, slated to open on July 26, 2011, in Beijing. Amidst the global challenges of [...]