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(Deutsch) 1. 7. 2012: Virtuelles Grass-Mud-Horse-Festival

Hu Yong: Citizen Journalism in China

This is an excerpt from a longer text Hu Yong has written for the catalog of Ars Electronica 2011. Hu Yong is one of the speakers at the conference “public square squared – how social fabric is weaving a new era” (September 4, 2011), curated by Isaac Mao and David Sasaki (Brucknerhaus Linz). In China, [...]

Artist and designer An Xiao looks at the intersection of the digital and analog in the 21st century.

Source: I met An Xiao some  months ago in Shanghai at Xindanwei where she presented her project to dig into the Chinese social media sphere. She has done a great job summarizing the essentials about this Chinese communication spheres.