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M120 Moganshan re-used!

The rubble site, 120 Moganshan Road in Shanghai, China, is located right next to the gallery district in Shanghai, the so called M50 on 50 Moganshan Road. Just over 10 years ago, artists and galleries moved to an old textile factory located at this address. This complex was threatened with demolition for years while newly [...]

D-Lib Magazine: Digital Libraries in China

Source: The current issue is devoted to the topic of digital library efforts in China. With the help of Sam Sun, long-time CNRI employee and Beijing native, we have gathered a group of authors who speak authoritatively on current projects in China. Four of those articles, primarily describing current and past projects from a non-technical [...]

System Updating·2009 Shanghai eArts Festival

Shanghai eArts Festival 2009 presents three projects: “eARTS BEYOND – Shanghai International Gallery Exhibition of Media Art”, “Fantastic Illusions – Media Art Exhibition of Chinese and Belgian Artists” and “New Media Archaeology – Research Project”. The festival theme “System Updating” reviews the history of the development of new media art by selecting and exhibiting important [...]