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ARTNEXION links ARTLINKART and basis-wien

During a discussion at the Rockbund Museum in Shanghai on September 8, 2011, Zheng Weimin from ARTLINKART presented a new initiative startet by basis-wien and ARTLINKART: ARTNEXION. ARTNEXION emerged from a joint initiative of basis wien and the online database ARTLINKART, which has been documenting art in and outside China since its launch in 2009. [...]

D-Lib Magazine: Digital Libraries in China

Source: The current issue is devoted to the topic of digital library efforts in China. With the help of Sam Sun, long-time CNRI employee and Beijing native, we have gathered a group of authors who speak authoritatively on current projects in China. Four of those articles, primarily describing current and past projects from a non-technical [...]


During the symposium “09 新媒体考古 / 09’ New Media Archaeology” organized by the Shanghai eArts Festival, Zheng Weimin of DDM Warehouse presented the art database project ARTLINKART. ARTLINKART has exactly the same mission as basis wien, and the structure of the database is pretty much the same of the new database of basis wien. We [...]