freelance translator. freelance project manager, organisator. likes to build bridges.
interested in China, Chinese (digital) culture & new media art, social media, translation & more.


2015 + 2016 Field Research Shenzhen, with Dr. Silvia Lindtner, University of Michigan (Shanzhai-Kultur & Makerspaces). Cultural Translation.

2015 Editing (with Ian Banerjee) of Digital Communities 2004–2014. Eleven years of Digital Communities at Prix Ars Electronica

2015 Consultant to the conference China.Europal 2025 Dialogveranstaltung (Salzburg, Schloss Hellbrunn (September 29-30, 2015), organized by Endowment Institute for China-Europe Relations (nominating Chinese experts). A ChinaCultureDesk project.

2015 Research trip to the Chinese Hallstatt (Boluo, Guangdong), with Wolfgang Marecek, Austrian Broadcasting ORF Upper Austria.

2015 Bern University of the Arts, Y-Institute Think Tank in cooperation with Tongji University, Shanghai (program consultant)

2014 Consultant to the conference Spuren.Suche.Verständnis Dialogveranstaltung (Salzburg, Schloss Hellbrunn 27.09.2014), organized by Endowment Institute for China-Europe Relations (nominating Chinese experts). A  ChinaCultureDesk project.

2014 Curating the public program for the exhibition Jeffrey Shaw and Hu Jieming – Twofold Solo Exhibition, Chronus Art Center, Shanghai (May – November, 2014)

2014 Consultant for the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Social Design), project: “Design Shanghai – Go On”, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, March 2014

2013 – 2014: Collaboration on the project Kreative Kopie? Ein Kulturvergleich, am Beispiel von Hallstatt – Boluo, with Norbert Artner and Thomas Macho (research, project management, translation)

2013: Facilitating the visit of a delegation of the Bern University of the Arts, Shanghai, October 2013

2013: Founding of the  platform ChinaCultureDesk, Vienna, together with Alice Schmatzberger

2012 – 2015: Collaboration on the documentary The Chinese Recipe – From Shanzhai to Creation of Swiss documentary director  Jürg Neuenschwander (concept, consultancy, translation)

2012 + 2013 Consultant for the exhibition “GeoCity Smart City”, Beijing Design Week 2012, 2013, CMoDA China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts

2012 Project management and catalog editing for the exhibition “Wandering Eyes – Video Art from Shanghai”. A cooperation between Shanghai Art Museum und Landesgalerie Linz (May 31 – September 4, 2012)

2012 Consultant for the project  Chinese Social Media and Academic Communication, swissnex China (Shanghai) / Gebert Rüf Stiftung.

11/2009- 3/20112  Representative of Ars Electronica in Shanghai.

2010-2012  Project management of the scientific-cultural framework program accompanying the exhibition “Albert Einstein” (Historical Museum Bern, Switzerland)  in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Wuhan. A project of swissnex China.

2009-2011 Project management for the cooperation between the artists databases basis wien and ARTLINKART, Shanghai.

2009 Member of curatorial staff of  the Ars Electronica project “80+1 – A Journey around the World” for Linz 09, concept for the expert discussions (focus: China).

since 2008  Consultant for basis wien: establishing the China network

since 2007  China network of Prix Ars Electronica

2006 / 07  Consultant to Ars Electronica for the cooperation with Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation, development of the Ars Electronica presence at eArts Festival Shanghai 2007. http://www.shearts.or

10/2005–4/2008 Coordinator of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institut Media.Art. Research (part time)

The objective of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Media.Art.Research. in Linz is to do innovative research leading to the development of strategies to document, describe and conserve digital artworks and works of media art. The Institute’s most immediate task is to apply rigorous scholarly methods to the artworks and documentation thereof collected in the Ars Electronica Archive.

2004  Concept (together with Andreas Hirsch and Margit Niederhuber) of the Symposium of the World Culture Forum Alliance (WCFA) at the Word Culture Forum / Forum Cultural Mundial Convention in Sao Paulo on the topics ” Culture=Action, Culture=Survival, Culture=Memory”.

since 2004 project management for the category “Digital Communities” of Prix Ars Electronica (selection of jury members,  scouting, communication with submitters, pre-jury, organisation of jury sessions)

2003  Concept of the category “Digital Communities” of Prix Ars Electronica (together with Andreas Hirsch):

2003  Concept for the expert forum on the topic of “Creativity, Arts and Culture in the Information Society”, a contribution of Ars Electronica  for World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS First Phase) in Geneva.

2000–2003  Content management of the web site of Festival Ars Electronica / Prix Ars Electronica

2002–2013 Co-curator and organizator of the symposium of the Festival Ars Electronica

2002  Concept for the online archive of Ars Electronica (together with Andreas Hirsch)

Ars Electronica possesses one of the world’s most extensive archives of digital media art from throughout the last 25 years. It consists of the Catalog Archive and material documenting the Ars Electronica Festival (from 1979), the Archive of the Prix Ars Electronica (from 1987), material on Ars Electronica projects as well as biographies of the artists and theoreticians who took part in them.

1999  Project lead for the digitization of the catalogs of the Ars Electronica festival and the Prix Ars Electronica

The catalogs of Ars Electronica from the beginnings in 1979 on have been digitized and treated for an online publication. Technical know-how: Ars Electronica Futurelab.