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ARTNEXION links ARTLINKART and basis-wien

During a discussion at the Rockbund Museum in Shanghai on September 8, 2011, Zheng Weimin from ARTLINKART presented a new initiative startet by basis-wien and ARTLINKART: ARTNEXION.

ARTNEXION emerged from a joint initiative of basis wien and the online database ARTLINKART, which has been documenting art in and outside China since its launch in 2009.

ARTNEXION is based on the idea of creating an international platform that allows databases with different thematic and geographical priorities to exploit synergies and share data in a simple way.

Software developed by ARTLINKART now enables partner databases to link matching personal data sets with the aim of easily providing their users with additional information. Specifically, it works like this: If information about a person is present in both databases, the software creates a link directly to the person’s page in the partner database, so that there the local entries can be accessed with a mouse click.

ARTNEXION is an open platform for databases and is eager to gain more members.

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