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China Internet Museum

Am 15. 12. 2015 wurde bei der zweiten World Internet Conference in Wuzhen das China Internet Museum eröffnet – mit der ersten Phase, der digitalen Galerie. Es ist das erste öffentliche digitale Museum, das sich mit der Entwicklung des Internet in China beschäftigt. Sein Motto: “峥嵘网事,慧联未来 – Stay Connected – Be Enlightened”. Die digitale Version des Museums – – ist im Moment noch im Aufbau, das Material, gegliedert nach Geschichte, Ausstellung und Persönlichkeiten, ist noch mager, es werden die User auch aufgefordert, historisches Material beizutragen. Es gibt eine Handy-App zum virtuellen Museum (die ich allerdings vergeblich versucht habe downzuloaden) sowie ein offizielles WeChat-Account (ID: internet-m). Das physische Museum wird – zumindest verstehe ich die Ankündigungen so – Teil des China Science and Technology Museum in Beijing sein (konkrete Informationen dazu finden sich noch nicht). Der Aufbau des Museums ist ein Aspekt im Bestreben Chinas, eine “Cyberpower” aufzubauen.

Über das Museum (

On the morning of December 15, 2015, the inauguration ceremony of China Internet Museum was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, with the Phase-1 digital gallery launched, It was part of the opening ceremony of the Light of the Internet Exposition of the 2nd World Internet Conference (WIC). Lu Wei, Director of the State Internet Information Office and Xia Baolong, Party Secretary of Zhejiang Province unveiled China Internet Museum. Zhuang Rongwen, Deputy Director of the State Internet Information Office, and Li Qiang, Governor of Zhejiang Province also attended the ceremony.
China Internet Museum is China’s first public digital museum themed on the Internet. Under the guidance of the State Internet Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the Museum was built by CNNIC and the Internet Society of China (ISC) together with the CAS Computer Network Information Center (CNIC). The inauguration ceremony was witnessed by Li Xiaodong, Director of CNNIC, Wei Zhengxin, Party Secretary of CNNIC, Gao Xinmin, Vice President of ISC; Qian Hualin, member of the Museum’s Expert Committee, CAS researcher, and inductee of the Internet Hall of Fame, along with Xian Baoping, Chief Engineer of CNIC.

About the museum

China Internet Museum is the very first official museum on Internet in China designed to fully document the Internet’s developing locus, popularize the Internet knowledge, disseminate the Internet thoughts and spirits, advance the Internet innovation and the spread of the Internet culture, display in all aspects the prosperous development of China’s Internet and the global internet’s development course as well as achievements of innovation.
China Internet Museum exists both digitally and physically. The Digital museum is an on-line virtual one with the application of multiple technological means to vividly present the internet’s development course and achievements of innovation, boost the popularization of the Internet culture, and promote the Internet thoughts and communication. The Physical Museum is the offline presence of the digital museum. They are complementary, each with its own sphere of competence online and offline.
China Internet Museum is established upholding the principles of “Inclusiveness, Joint Efforts and Interactivity”. It appeals to the organizations, academia, companies and the Internet users to participate in joint efforts to build and share a stake in its outcome.
China Internet Museum will display with official languages of the United Nations to enable multilingual and international presence.


China Internet Museum plays important roles as recorder of the Internet development, popularizer of the Internet knowledge, impeller of the Internet Innovation, and disseminator of the Internet culture.


China Internet Museum sets the development time of the Internet as the main storyline. It involves people, things and objects in the field of the Internet, as well as integration with other intertwined areas of the Internet, and unfolds the development process of the Internet in all dimensions. Among them, the Exhibition Hall I, featuring the Internet development history, historical figures and events, shows the Internet milestone, Portraits, etc. It combines the development of the Internet with the founders, facilitators, innovators and “grassroots” strengths, for purpose of storytelling and spirit transmission. Exhibition hall II featuring Internet data and Internet applications, narrates the integration of internet and the fields of agriculture, industry, commerce, scientific research and military etc. Based on objective facts and detailed reference data, this sector explains the important role that Internet plays in the development process of industrialization towards digital development in our country. Exhibition hall III features Internet old objects and the development of Internet technologies. By showing physical objects and models, including Internet software, hardware and other items, it displays the Internet technologies changes and innovations, and reveals that technological development brings a better life. Exhibition Hall IV, represented by interactive exhibitions and “My Internet Museum”, interacts with netizens and enables them to build their own Internet museum. It tells their own stories with the Internet, indicating the Internet as an important window to show the whole ecology of Internet. Exhibition Hall V, represented by Internet development milestones and the exploration of internet innovations in all countries. It introduces the picture of Internet development in the world, and delivers the applications of the latest scientific and technological achievements in the field of global Internet.


The construction of China Internet Museum ought to commensurate with the goal of building a cyber power in China. This construction work follows the spirit of the Internet as a guide and Internet technology as the basis. Through past records review and future development prospects, it actively plays a role to popularize knowledge, inherit history, boost confidence, disseminate culture, promote the Internet brand, and look into the future, powering the Internet development of China and the world.
Guided by:
State Internet Information Office, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Association for Science and Technology
Hosted by:
China Internet Network Information Center, Internet Society of China
Co-construct with:
Computer Network Information Center Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Science and Technology Museum

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