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Industrie 4.0 auf chinesisch: Internet plus 互联网+

Am 5. März 2015 hat Li Keqiang das Projekt “Internet plus” 互联网+ präsentiert. Seitdem ist der Begriff einer der im Netz meist diskutierten. Dabei geht es um die Integration von mobilem Internet, Cloud Computing, Big Data und Internet of Things mit modernem Manufacturing, mit dem Ziel, die Entwicklung von eCommerce, Industrie-Netzwerken und Internet-Banking zu fördern und IT-Firmen zu helfen, ihre internationale Präsenz zu stärken.

Der Kommentator Qin Chuan (秦川) sieht dieses Internet nicht nur als Trägermedium, sondern der „Main frame“; es spielt nicht nur eine unterstützende, sondern die zentrale Rolle.

Justrecently’s weblog hat eine Passage übersetzt:

That’s why we can say that “Internet Plus” may bring a technological revolution of far-reaching significance, which may permeat all aspects, not only topple traditional industries, but also provide traditional industries with new life. The shame is that when it comes to “Internet Plus”, quite many people just can’t see its value, or remain superficial about its significance. Reports say that the most serious bottleneck in China for “Internet Plus” are anachronistic concepts [or viewpoints]. At present, rather serious inflexible points of view exist in our countries’ traditional industries, as can be seen in the phenomenon of copying what is already there, a lack of essential understanding and use of cloud computing and services in big data infrastructure, and there is no broad change towards a consumer-led business pattern either.


We suffered from aphasia during several technological revolutions in the past. In this new technological revolution, we must not be marginalized again. The good thing is that the central authorities have already recognized the great significance of “internet plus”, and promoted it systematically. According to reports, the state has already established new industry venture capital funds at a value of 40 billion Yuan. More capital must be raised and integrated, to assist in beefing up industrial innovation.


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