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Water Soul: poetisches Tanzdrama

Am 21. September wurde im Shanghai Oriental Art Center das Tanz-Drama “Water Soul” exklusiv aufgeführt. Mich hat das Oriental Digital Media Art Research & Development Center des Shanghai Conservatory of Music zu dieser Exklusivaufführung eingeladen. Es war die tollste Tanzaufführung, die ich bislang in China gesehen habe: keine dieser folkloristisch-anbiedernden “Minoritäten-Kultur-Events”, sondern eine gelungene Umsetzung traditioneller Inhalte in eine für ein modernes Publikum verständliche Form: hinreißende Musik, tolle Tänzer und ein multimediales Bühnenbild, entwickelt vom Oriental Digital Media Art Research & Development Center des Shanghaier Musikkonservatoriums.

Oriental Digital Media Art Research & Development Center
Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Water Soul, based on the culture of the Dai nationality in Xi Shuang Ban Na, is constituted of five parts – <August Festival>, <Fen Duo>, <The Emotion of Dream> ,<God’s Childhood >,<No Boundary>. As the love being the main thread, it performs the traditional cultural sign – “water”, which is prevalent and recognized by the Asian people living in Xi Shuang Ban Na and along Mekong River, such as “ Rain Dance” ceremony, old mystery incantation and so on, reflecting the “ Water Worship” of the religious belief that everything has a soul. Meanwhile, through the artistic dance forms and rich visual effects, it expresses interpretations of life from people with a common culture in this land, as well as the aesthetic and romantic spirit world.

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